Howdy Friend!

Welcome to my blog, a place where I call home away from home, and where I share about things that matter to me in my life, direct from my heart.

I am a Christian, homeschooling mama, (beginner) homesteader, and fallen yet born-again Christian.  I am married to a wonderful Christian man, and he is my BFF!  We are blessed with two miracle daughters (conceived via IVF).  My family means the world to me and daily I thank the Lord for FarmerM, BirderB, GiddyupG, and all of our animals who currently live on our patch of dirt and who out-number the humans!  Our little patch of dirt/farm is named His Fruits Farm.

I love the USA, I love and miss the USA I grew up in and you will find many posts here discussing how our country is being torn apart via Godlessness, liberal-utopia ideology, Islam, and those who choose to live life with their heads buried in the sand and deny what is happening.  I strongly feel that being quiet is just as guilty as doing the damaging act yourself.

It is my prayer that you settle in with a warm cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer, visit with me a while as I share my hopes, dreams, fears, and country life-style all the while seeking to follow Jesus in all that I do.  I sincerely pray that you end a visit on my blog feeling encouraged, blessed, and motivated.  Thank you for stopping by!