Do any of you ever wonder why some bloggers seem to have the perfect spouse, children, job, home, and well, life just in general?  I do not.  I used to, but I do not anymore.  I know how some make their own life experiences appear picture perfect on their blogs, when in reality they are some of the most unhappy folks.

I pray that my blog shows truth – in how we live, struggles and all.  We have ups and downs, make mistakes, now and then make awesome decisions, are at times healthy and other times really sick.  Our family strives to honor and glorify Him.  A lot of the time we do this.  A lot of the time we fail miserably.  I dearly love my children, but I don’t always like them or the decisions they mistakenly carry out.  I seem to forget that I was once pre-teen and trying to find myself.  I am a terrific mother, yet at times I am the worst and this fact breaks my heart.  FarmerM and I don’t always have the best marriage as we struggle over some of the same issues other married couples struggle with.

I want to be sure that it is clear to any reader here that we have faults – better known as sin in the Bible, maybe differing from yours, but we have them and are trying to change our lives from the-inside-out through Him

I would like for the really honest bloggers to know how much I appreciate their truthfulness in how they share their family and work related struggles, as well as their joys in this life.  I appreciate lessons learned, reminders passed on, prayers to lift up, and the knowledge that I am not in this alone.  Thank you!

On this note, I have pics to share from our Labor Day weekend.  It looks as if our family is well and we’re having a blast.  At times we were having fun, in spite of still feeling week and tired.  We needed this weekend.  But the fun took a toll too.  I shared with a German Baptist friend how we have been feeling for the last week, and before I could even utter what I thought it was we had, she beat me to it by proclaiming, “Oh!  You all have had the flu that’s going around Miami County.”  Really?  I honestly felt as if we had the flu, but I hadn’t heard of it starting up yet, and I was hesitant to even mention this nasty, three lettered word this early in the season.  She drives a bus for a local government school district and apparently the flu is already making its rounds.  *sigh*

To date, Giddy-upG is still feeling terrible.  She is literally green, so stuffy, and still feverish now and then.  All she wants is a mama.  BirderB is feeling better, more herself.  Same for me.  And anymore the two of us feeling healthy also means less compassion (I guess) for the other, and the  teen-years fighting.  I do not know if she and I will survive this.  I miss my daughter, I miss my younger B.  It’s not that I do not want her to grow up, I do and strongly believe a parent’s job is to train their child to be prepared for the world and ready to let them go.  Lately though, I have wondered about God’s sense of humor … when I was blissfully pregnant it was the most beautiful experience.  I loved growing our daughters and feeling them move inside me.  I loved thinking about meeting them for the first time.  What would it be like?  I loved daydreaming about what their/our lives would be like, and the perfect mama I would be (hahahahaa).  I just really loved it all, including the attention too.  And then around nine months, I equally loved the thought of birth as I couldn’t wait to get that ten-pound bowling ball out of me.  I was no longer afraid of labor and delivery, I couldn’t wait for it to happen so that I could have some relief.

Ironically, I now find myself feeling somewhat similar to that last thought above as we start down the road of the teen years.  Do any of my conservative Christian readers have a good ‘raising your teen’ book to recommend?  Please!  If not, I’d still appreciate prayers.  Thank you!

I imagine we have helped to spread the flu locally here this year.  I do apologize.  Enjoy the pics of our time at Pine Lake Waterpark in Berne, IN, and our outing to Ft. Rowdy in Covington, OH.

Happy belated Labor Day, Readers!

In Him ~

Homesteader Sandi






Now they’re trying the 10′ diving board!  Here goes Giddy-upG …


… BirderB is thinking about it …


… and she jumps!


Here they are checking out the 20′ dive with g’paJ.  Do they do it?


g’pa J goes for it!!  This is one cooooool g’pa!  I can’t think of anything this man won’t do!  🙂



hahahaa!  LOOK at the expression on G’s face!


No, the 20′ dive is too scary.  I guess that means the 30′ is out too.  Instead, they all head for the zip-line.  I will admit that it took me a long while to build up my courage to do the zip line – that first step off is challenging, yet once I did – man, it was F.U.N!!!!











Mama going down!


We took some rests, had lunch tailgating in the parking lot, and then BirderB and I explored together – we rode all the waterslides, she dunked me good on the teeter-totter, and then we enjoyed some more zip lining.  All this while, Giddy-upG was sneaking off building up her courage to do this –

20′ Dive!  There she goes!  She jumped 4 times!


In the pic above, you can also see the 30′ dive.  I will admit that I went up to the 10′ and 20′ and there is absolutely no way I could do either.  Peering over that edge on the 20′ made my tummy roll and hands feel clammy.  It just isn’t natural to jump from such a height.  Have I ever disclosed my fear of heights?!

Here are random pics to preserver memories and share the park with you, the reader!








It was a quiet ride home needless to say!  Fun in itself can be exhausting, but when you’re not feeling 100% the exhaustion is taken to a whole new level.  The girls slept until noon the next day.  Yes, we missed church again.   Let’s hope this isn’t becoming a theme/habit.

FarmerM’s back was still bothering him, actually after sitting in the car to and from the lake it had gotten worse.  Sadly, he didn’t participate in anything at the lake and this was an adventure right up his alley.  Next year, daddy-o!  As he woke up in more pain, he stayed home on Sunday as us girls ventured off to find out what Ft. Rowdy is all about.  It is a period-gathering that is historically accurate in dress and camp (a mountainman encampment) depicting a bustling, small trading village set in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s in this community.  The smell of the open fires was wonderful!  There is homemade food, arts, and crafts, as well as games for young and old alike, and live entrainment.  I enjoyed hearing the blue-grass and some gospel music while walking around.

One of the first things the girls did was a rock-wall climb.  They’ve been wanting to do this all summer but the price is outrageous.  Well, it was $5 here and they got two chances to show what they could do.  Both times they reached the very top, rang the bell, and propelled down!  Next we tried our hand at tin punching – this was so much fun!  Finally, we checked out the trading post, crossed the river into the encampment and just meandered around looking at wares and talking with the folks in period dress.  BirderB expressed an interest in getting involved in something like this –  we’ll see.  I was really tired and noticed later that I didn’t get any great shots of the people dressed up, but I hope you enjoy the few that I post here.















This one made me laugh!!  It’d be easy to make!  B feels this sign basically means ‘no boys’ – keep thinking that, B!!  🙂