This has been a tough week, no doubt.

Our homeschool (officially) started this week and just has not gotten off on a positive note, mainly because of illness.  And the illness continues as the girls are still slightly feverish.  To make matters worse, FarmerM’s back went out a few days ago and he is experiencing excruciating pain.  We are not getting enough sleep in our home lately.  When you wonder what else …

… colic.

THAT one word, five little consonants, can send deep fear down an equine owner’s spine.  Giddy-UpG’s horse, FiFi started to colic early Tuesday evening.  We had to get the vet out here quickly.  Fi had every colic symptom and if you’d like a quick overview, you can read about colic here.  I love our vet, and Dr. H stayed with us way past dark after examining, diagnosing, tubing & flushing Fi.  I am leaving out some things, and trust me you do not want to know it all, but it was hard to watch.  Fi is doing much better and if G feels like it tomorrow, I’m going to allow her to ride.

There have been bright notes in our week … I am especially reminded that if I lean on Him and keep a good humor about myself, I can carry my load and so much more.  Not everything will be finished, nor completed at my level of standards; yet for all intents and purposes, life is running smoothly believe it or not!  And truthfully, our homeschool is still happening, the girls are completing their lessons on their own accord without me asking them to.  Honestly, I’d feel too badly to ask them to try to learn while dealing with a fever, but they get bored and I will catch them doing work!

Then today I see something dredged up that has been happening in the homeschool community for well over a year.  HSLDA is now involved and though I fully support HSLDA and am a proud member, I really believe they did a disservice for homeschoolers.  I read and hear more and more how the anti-Christ mentality is winning, it is just a sad fact.  I recently posted these words on my blog, ‘our world is becoming darker and darker.’  Thankfully I know the end outcome and that Christ IS VICTORIOUS.  If something stark ever happens to me it will be because I believe in and will stand up for the absolute truths in the Bible.  That does not make me an extremist.  That does not make me a legalist.  It DOES make me a Bible believing and professing Christian wife, mother, homeschooler, friend, neighbor.  I will not conform.

To lighten the mood, us girls searched for something online today.  Here is what we found.  It is cute, catchy, and whimsical.  Yes, we do listen to other types of music beside Christian … we love classical music.  We enjoy some contemporary Christian.  Now and then I’ll hear something from the 80s when scanning the radio station and the lyrics and beat (gasp) will take me back to my waaaay younger days and guess what?  I will find myself so thankful for where I am today in my walk with Him.  Don’t repeat this, but I also like bluegrass!!  The girls and I even like some country … the good country.  And that is where we ended up today.  This song has prompted one daughter to get up and draw … she drew a picture of herself singing this song while also riding her horse in the same pic – now that is talent!  So please, enjoy Raelynn’s ‘God Made Girls’  here (I apologize for the Mike’s Harder ad … terrible).  Also, here is a warning:  there is a lot of skin in this video and some will be offended.  I am posting for the lyrics … we like them!  This song actually prompted a conversation about us girls being the boys helpmeet and how that is not sexist, it is Biblical.  Our oldest was concerned with the line about flirting and I agree with her, but also pointed out that one day she will blow a boy’s mind and it probably will start with some innocent flirting.  Then they may court and he’d better hold that door for her!!

To continue in the moment, we talked about what we’re doing this holiday weekend.  This Labor Day will be the first that we have ever taken since we started homeschooling and here is how we are celebrating:

Saturday we have been invited by g’pa J and grammy to go here!  After church on Sunday, we are going to try to meet up with granddad and granny here!  Both of these adventures will be a first for our family.  I have talked with a  lovely lady who helps out at the Gathering, and next year both of our girls are entering an art contest, B will enter into the cookie contest, and G the pie contest.  This year we are just going to check it out and enjoy it.  Besides, I already had lessons planned for Friday and the outing on Saturday, so we aren’t prepared to enter a baking contest this late in the game!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you enjoyed our visit!  And I sincerely pray that your week has been much better than ours!

In Him ~

Homesteader Sandi