I have done some ‘house cleaning’ on some pages of my blog – and it feels good!  Also, for friends interested in our homeschooling, I have listed some of the resources we will be using this year (starting tomorrow)!  I don’t have everything listed (think info. regarding sex ed., music, art, poetry, etc), but I did touch upon the main subjects.  You can find this info. under ‘Resources I Enjoy’ to the right, on the side-bar of my blog. 

One of the things we accomplished while homeschooling year round this year was getting Giddy-upG closer to catching up with her sister in arithmetic (she does everything else with her sister).  As she desires to graduate two years early, she will continue arithmetic year round until they both are together in the 8th grade unit. 

Another approach we are utilizing this year is to have the girls finish up all of the Young Explorers series in Apologia Science.  Our family loves this science curriculum and we really wanted to finish it even if the girls were to go into 7th grade General Science.  We were late coming to Apologia’s program in our homeschool.  Something important to note about Apologia Science is it is based on Creation and young-earth – both of which we believe to be biblically factual.  It is also advanced and chalk-full of information and hands-on experiments.  There are options to do more in the books, notebook journals (we use these) as well as more in-depth info. on-line.  To be able to finish the series, science and health will be handled a bit differently this year.  We are studying Chemistry and Physics in the beginning of the year for science, finishing the book the day before Thanksgiving.  Our health this year will be studying the Anatomy book (this is like a health curriculum on steroids).  Then, to keep the girls on course to have AP science-class options later in high-school, we will start the 7th grade General Science book in December and use it through summer next year so that in 8th grade they may continue on to the next level.  Any way, this is a lengthy explanation of why you will see several science books in the side-bar! 

I am really looking forward to history this year using a new curriculum recommended to us by several friends, the ‘K family’ and ‘Ms. O’ from the library.  The publishers are Notgrass and they have a lot of resources to offer on their website.  I very much enjoy reading Charlene’s blog, already read one of her family resources book, ‘Daily Encouragement for Homeschooling Moms’, and can’t wait to dig into the history books, maps and timeline books, as well as the literature readers packet.

I am probably most excited this year about Latin though!!  Seriously!  I cannot say enough about Visual Latin, through Compass Classroom.  After a few peeks at some lessons on VL, the girls were already reading the first chapter of an all Latin book (no English anywhere), Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, Pars I: Familia Romana.  Visual Latin is a two year course and worth 2 high school credits.  Not only will they get these credits early in jr. hgh, but in high school they have both expressed a desire to continue on into other languages – Hebrew and French have been mentioned several times.  Only in homeschooling can we have the flexibility to do all of this and not hold them back.

As usual, I did not pull our studies together and plan the curricula myself. What you see in our side-bar is the product of me going to the Lord in prayer and asking for direction.  I had other plans for some of the subjects and as has been the case since we have started piecing our own curricula together, God has directed me elsewhere at times.  I have discovered His way is always best and we excel only because we faithfully follow Him.  I believe the 2014-15 school year will be challenging, yet fun and fulfilling.  I am looking forward to it!  If you want to know more about the subjects I listed above, for your convenience I attached a link that will take you to more info. simply by clicking on the name (the pics in my side-bar do not). 

Our entire family is ‘under the weather’ today.  Lots of sneezing, tiredness, sore throats, aches and icks going on – this is day 2 of this misery.  Could be weather, allergies, exhaustion from fair … who knows.  What I do know is I fell in the barn last evening because of water left on the floor (my doing) and I was wearing crocs (I KNOW better and should have been in my boots), and on top of how we’re all feeling, along with me now having a lightly swollen left wrist and hand, bruised and very sore left hip and shoulder, I felt we needed a ‘down’ pajama day.  The thought of shaking hands (I’m a lefty) and hugging folks at church didn’t sound great today, instead it sounded painful (for me) and scary (what if we infected a little ol’ lady or someone further infected us).  Needless to say we are home today.  We are in our pjs, except for FarmerM.  We are being lazy.  Very lazy.  And I am enjoying the benefits of it all along with ibuprofen!

I hope you are enjoying His day and are seeking Him in preparations for your week ahead.

As usual, thank you for stopping by to visit me here!

In Him~

Homesteader Sandi